The Aranhas Cultural segment is dedicated to artistic and cultural projects related to visual arts, music, theater, dance and art. It provides services in the preparation, development and execution of cultural projects, organization and event production, curating exhibitions and film events. Also manages the careers of singers, musicians and artists in an innovative and personalized way.

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Coming soon: “Antonino Cardillo: a syncretic architect”. A voyage through the works of one of the most interesting architects of our time. Antonino Cardillo is an itinerant Italian architect. He was selected among the thirty best new young architectural practices from around the world in Wallpaper*


Format: Exhibition

Place: São Paulo

Sergio Rossi Men’s Store, Milan, Ita

Sergio Rossi Men’s Store, Milan, Ita

“The idea of the insertion of a building into another, is above all a recurring theme in the architecture of the past. From the medieval schola cantorum, to the fifteenth century of Leon Battista Alberti, to the Baroque experiences of the rooms of light and of the theatrical stage set, up to the neoclassical canopies of John Soane.” A.C.

Max's House in a Small Lake ©

Max's House in a Small Lake ©

“Sometimes architecture is all the more interesting, the more invisible or concealed it is. Architecture fascinates when it contains in itself remotes places, where the separation, rather than physical, becomes an expression of the unknown, of the unreal, in short of dreams”. A.C.

House of Dust, Rome, Italy


“Architecture is dust... dust that becomes form...dust transfigured by the mind...dust is memory... so dust is also death"...A.C.