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The Spiders

Anahí Borges

Founder of Aranhas. Anahí is graduated in Audiovisual from the University of São Paulo. Her emphasis is on production and script writing.  She specialized in screenwriting at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Roma – Scuola Nazionale di Cinema (Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome – National School of Cinema), which is one of the most renowned Film Schools in Europe. Anahí has been a screenwriter and assistant director in a diversity Brazilian and Italian short films. These films have been screened in Latin America, Europe and Asia. In 2012, she participated as a Resident screenwriter at the Cannes Film Festival and scripted the feature film “Portorosa”, by Pasquale Marino.  Anahí has also been a film critic and was a correspondent for Cinequanon, a digital magazine at the 65th edition of the Venice Film Festival. She has written articles and collaborated with numerous magazines which includes “Itaú Personnalité”. Anahí has also taught courses at the São Paulo International Film Academy. She was also the audiovisual director, in the Talent Campus Buenos Aires – Berlinale 2014 and was a juror at the EntreTodos Festival (Amongst All Festival) in 2017. Anahí leads diverse projects of Aranhas Productions and acts in various capacities that include: creator, director and executive producer.

Andrea Paolo Massara

Andrea is the son of Italian immigrants. He spent his childhood in Switzerland and during his adolescent years he moved to Calabria, Italy. Andrea graduated from the Experimental Center of Cinematography of the National School of Cinema. Currently, he writes for cinema, literature and theater. His film screen writing credits include: “South is Nothing”, by Fabio Mollo (Toronto Film Festival 2013 – Discovery; Berlinale 2014 – Generation, Shooting Stars Award for best actress) “The Wait”, by Piero Messina, whose protagonist is Juliette Binoche (film nominated for the Golden Lion at the 2015 Venice Film Festival and in several other categories, including Best Screenplay); “No Country for Young Men” (2017), by Giovanni Veronesi. Andrea is the creator and artistic director of the major theatrical event of the Calabrian summer: “Avvistamenti Teatrali” or “Theatrical Sightings”, which takes place in the city of Ricadi/Torre Marrana, which brings contemporary Italian vanguard plays to the public.

Chaia Dechen

Chaia was born in India. She lives in São Paulo and Brasília in Brazil, London and California. She is a video maker and graduated from University of the Arts London in Digital Media Production. She has also completed post graduate studies in Cinematographic Directing at the International Academy of Cinema in São Paulo.  Chaia works in the field of visual arts with graphic design, editing, directing and audiovisual production. She is the visual communicator for Griô Produções (Griot Productions) which is a socio-cultural producer responsible, among other activities, for the pioneer “Festival of Afro-Latin American and Caribbean Women”, which takes place in Brasília yearly. The “Festival of Afro-Latin American and Caribbean Women” has been setting an audience record every year.  In 2014, Chaia was nominated for the Claudia Award which the largest female award in Latin America that aims to discover and highlight competent, talented and innovative women that are committed to building a better Brazil.

Drika Nery

Drika is a screenwriter and playwright. She studied cinema at the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation – FAAP. She is also an author that studied and graduated from the Dramaturgy Nucleus of SESI – British Council. Drika integrates the Contemporary Dramaturgy Center – CDC, a São Paulo group of theatrical playwrights. She has collaborated with Cia Fábrica São Paulo (Factory Company of São Paulo) and Teatro para Alguém (Theatre for Someone). She has also collaborated with Moonshot Pictures as part of the team of scriptwriters for the series ““Sessão de Terapia” (Therapy Session), directed by Selton Mello and launched in October 2012 by the GNT channel. Therapy Session had a second season in 2013 and a totally original third season launched in August 2014. In 2015, Drika launched a book, within “Palavras para Teatro” (Words for Theatre) collection by Patuá Editor, with the plays “Um sol na sala da boca” (The Sun in the Mouth Cavity) and “Esboço para uma quase paisagem” (Sketch for an almost landscape). The second play had a season at the Teatro Cemitério de Automóveis (Car Cemetery Theater) during April and May of 2015.  Drika was the assistant director of the montage, which was directed by Renata Jesion. In 2016, “Um sol na sala da boca” had a running at Teatro da Rotina, and was directed by Leonardo Medeiros.

Elena Fedeli

Elena is a director of photography and is of Italian nationality. She and has an distinguished background in art and architecture including: I.U.A.V in Venice and U.C.L. in London. She developed several projects in the area of art and visual arts in Brazil, Italy and Argentina. Elena is a filmmaker with twenty years of experience. She studied cinematography at the London Filmmakers Independent Coop and has held various roles in the field of film and television. Her professional training includes mentors such as Vittorio Storaro, Abbas Kiarostami, Carlo Lizzani, Fernando Solanas, Manuel de Oliveira and Peter Grenaway. In her capacity as  director of photography she has worked with diverse directors, which include G. Muskala (“Vito’s Way”, 2006), P. Demarzo (“Punti di Vista”, 2005, candidato ao David de Donatello 2006), Pasquale Marino (“A felicidade não é alegre”, 2014), Victor Nascimento (“A ancora do Marujo” 2014) e Anahí Borges (“Pety Pode Tudo”, 2012, “As aventuras de Pety”, 2018 e “É tempo de amoras” (2019 – in preparation). Elena conducts workshops in Brazil and Italy. Her courses include: 3D graphics and 3D architectural modeling, still photography, video and photography directing.

Pasquale Marino

Pasquale was born in Messina, Sicily. He graduated from the University of Rome 3 where his specialty was cinematographic direction at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Roma – Scuola Nazionale di Cinema (Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome – National School of Cinema). He directed several short films between 2008 and 2011. These included: “Le sorelle Pasetto” (Belaria Film Festival 2010), “il tuo cigno è un corvo” (Torino Film Festival 2009) and “La prova dell’uovo” (Torino Film Festival 2010). “L’estate che non viene” was selected at the Cinéfondation at the 64th Festival de Cannes and won the Short-Wave award at the 68th Venice Film Festival. In 2014, he made the feature “A felicidade não é alegre” (Happiness is not Joyful), produced by Aranhas Films and Lumen Film. He was awarded by the Residence program at the Festival de Cannes 2012, where he developed a feature film entitled “Portorosa”. In 2013, he was awarded the BIMACT and ANCINE Feature Film Project for Brazil / Italy Coproduction. In 2016, he made the documentary feature “Imma” (Visions of the Real 2017) and is currently working on his new documentary feature: “Rindo da Morte” (Laughing at Death).

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