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Short Films



by Anahí Borges

Bra, animation, color, 2019

Screenplay: Anahí Borges and Marina Meira

Direction: Anahí Borges

Production: Anahí Borges 

Illustration and Animation: Gianfranco Bonadies

Art Direction: Elena Fedeli and Laura Carvalho

Cinematography:  Elena Fedeli

Sound Editing and Mix: Rosana Stefanoni

Original Soundtrack: Iana Escudeiro

Synopsis: In the Tutameia's sky there is a beautiful and majestic rainbow. In search of the golden chest, Pety and her friends set off for the city's woods, where they live adventures with fantastic beings of Brazilian folklore and discover that the true treasure may be much closer than she imagined.


by Anahí Borges

Bra, fic, color, HD, 2015

Co-production company: Brodagem Filmes

Screenplay and Direction: Anahí Borges

Production: Juliana Lemes

Executive Production: Anahí Borges and Juliana Lemes

Cinematography:  Lucas Kakuda

Editing: Cibele Appes

Sound Editing and Mix: Edu Luz

Original Soundtrack: Marco Nalesso e A Fundação; Vico Piovani e Fábio Matu; Marcos Dafeira e Degusta Groove

Cast: Gabriel Nathan Silva, Moara Ibotira, Avani Souza Silva


Synopsis: "In the time of the ants" back together over again the kids Moara Ibotira and Gabriel Nathan (“The Almighty Pety") on an adventure through São Paulo. The short film enters the everlasting universe of childhood, narrating their play activities, companionship, loyalty, consumerism and joy, but also their moments of nostalgia and loss. Rites of passage. São Paulo turns itself in a third character, with its architecture, multiculturalism, the grandiloquence that characterizes it.


*1ª Mostra de Filmes Independentes do Matilha Cultural (SP, 2016)

*Semana Paulista do Curta-Metragem 2016 (SP, 2016)

*11ª CineOP - Mostra de Cinema de Ouro Preto (MG, 2016)

*15ª Mostra do Filme Livre (RJ, SP, MG, DF, 2016)
*10ª Mostra Audiovisual de Cambuquira (MG, 2015)
*2º Festival de Cinema de Caruaru (PE, 2015)
*3ª Mostra de Cinema de Araçá (ES, 2015)

TREMEMBÉ, MY LOVE (Tremembé, Meu Amor)

by Humberto Borges

Bra, doc, color, 25 min, 2013

Direction: Humberto Borges

Screenplay: Anahí Borges and Humberto Borges

Production: Anahí Borges

Co-production: Secretary of Culture of São Paulo

Cinematography:  Lucas Kakuda

Editing:  Victor Reis

Sound Editing and Mix: Gus Pereira

Post Production Services: Videocubo

Original Soundtrack:  Fábio Matu and Vico Piovani




"Tremembé, My Love" is a lyrical documentary about the neighborhood of Tremembé, São Paulo, Brazil.


About the film:


”Tremembé is a São Paulo's neighbourhood. To speak of Tremembé is to look around and recognise a personal and collective mythology to be shared. It's as filmmaker and resident of the neighbourhood for 30 years that I see in this documentary the possibility of creating a web of connections within my own community, seeking out memories, connecting ideas, legitimizing the residents, my neighbours, in the act of telling their own stories and reinventing themselves.


The resident of Tremembé could be a character found in poems by Carlos Drummond de Andrade: hillbilly archetype, almost like a person from the country side that is in harmony with nature represented by the Cantareira Reserve and its surroundings. With this almost sacred simplicity, combined with the concept of modernization and loss of archaic expressions, is what oriented the selection of objects (tangible and intangible) and the people addressed in the documentary. The history of the neighborhood, for me, is the great clash of civilization: the clash between the archaic and the modern, the rural and the urban, the man occupying his space in nature”.



by Anahí Borges

Bra, HD, 18 min, color, 2012

Co-Producer Company: Preta Portê Filmes

Written and Directed: Anahí Borges

Production: Gustavo Maximiliano

Executive Production: Juliana Vicente and Anahí Borges

Cinematography: Elena Fedeli

Art Direction: Laura Carvalho

Editing:  Olívia Brenga

Sound Editing:  Guile Martins

Original soundtrack:  Fábio Matu and Vico Piovani

Cast: Moara Ibotira, Nathan Gabriel Silva, Paul Goya, Sylvia Prado, Aury Porto.




Pety is a girl with a majestic sense of control of everything around her. One day, walking to school, she believed that has received a warning from the angel Gabriel forsaking the death of her pet named Bunny, a rabbit. The fear of looseness and the desire to control everything lead her to the olimpic attempt to somehow dismiss the prophesied destiny. 


About the film:


I wanted to create a diverse and idiosyncratic character, valuing in a child their socially accepted traits   of   character   but also point the typical perversities of childhood.  Imaginary fears, unconscious cruelty. The central theme of the story is one of ontological aspirations of human beings: omnipotence, which in childhood is the space of its primitive psychic elaboration. With this short film I meant to work in the record of subtlety, the delicacy and concentration in the experiences, producing life and reality in harmony with unreal and metaphysical elements, because as the Brazilian writer João Guimarães Rosa said: “Everything, moreover, is the tip of a mystery, even the facts. Or lack of them. Doubt? When nothing happens there's a miracle that we're not seeing” - in “Grande Sertão Veredas”. (ANAHÍ BORGES)


*22º Curta Cinema - Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro(RJ, 2012);

*12º Mostra do Filme Livre (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília, 2013);

*5º FESTin – Festival de Cinema Itinerante da Língua Portuguesa (Lisboa, Portugal, 2013);

*Programação do IX Prêmio FIESP/SESI-SP de Cinema (SP, 2013);

*15º FestCurtas BH - Festival Internacional de Curtas de Belo Horizonte (MG, 2013)

*6º Festival Nacional de Curtas Taquary  (Taquaritinga do Norte, PE, 2013);

*17º FAM – Festival Audiovisual Mercosul (Florianópolis, SC, 2013);

*8ª Mostra Audiovisual de Cambuquira (MG, 2013).

*9º Curta Canoa – Festival Latino Americano de Canoa Quebrada (CE, 2013)

*8º Curta Ourinhos – Mostra Exibição (Ourinhos, SP, 2013)


BEYOND THE 7 COLORS (Além das 7 cores)

by Camila Biau

Bra, HD, 19 min, color, 2012

Co-Producer Company: Brodagem Filmes

Written and Directed: Camila Biau

Executive Production: Anahí Borges, Camila Biau

Production: Juliana Lemes

Cinematography: Lucas Kakuda

Editing: Emilia Aidar

Sound Editing and Mixing: Gus Pereira

Original Soundtrack: Estela Tiemy, André Balboni

Graphic Art: Fernanda Rodrigues

Cast: Daniela Glamour Garcia, Érica Martins, Bruno Dalcheco

Synopsis:Immersed in the lively night scene in the region of Augusta Street - the heart of São Paulo – Daniela Glamour Garcia leads us through this queer chronic about the conflicts on who decides to live on the fringes of what is considered "normal" by majority. Does the rules, limits, classes and categories that are imposed to us really have the ability to make us feel habitable in ourselves?

About the film:”Due to a personal identification with the film’s subject – sexuality, gender and heteronormativity – I started to read academic texts on Queer Theory, which led me to acquire a new perception of reality. I began to believe that make a movie to investigate the quick metamorphosis of this important subject would be essential by the possibility of approaching lines of thought that transcends the LGBT movement and merely civil or legal issues. I wanted to get this look into the daily life and identify how these changes are being experienced in practice”. (CAMILA BIAU)*Menção Honrosa no 5º Festival Libercine – Festival Internacional de Cine Sobre Diversidad Sexual y Género (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013);*24º Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de São Paulo (SP, 2013)*1º  Festival Curta o Gênero (Fortaleza, CE, 2012)*7º CineOP - Mostra de Cinema de Ouro Preto (MG, 2012)*7º Festival Cine MuBE Vitrine Independente (São Paulo, SP, 2012)*3º Inconfidentes – Festival Nacional de Cinema e Vídeo (Ouro Preto, MG, 2012)*3º Close – Festival Nacional de Cinema da Diversidade Sexual (Porto Alegre, RS, 2012)*8º Mostra Cinema Conquista (Vitória da Conquista, BA, 2012)


by Chaia Dechen

Bra/UK, HD, 12 min, color, 2012

Co-Producer Company: Griô Produções



Evol is an experimental art video based on the choreography piece by Ella Mesma, originally created to be experienced as a live performance, the video proposes a new experience through the use of colors and visual effects. Evol was inspired by research into the grey areas around sexual consent and rape within relationships.

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Feature Films


HAPPINESS IS NOT A JOYFULTHING (A felicidade não é alegre)

by Pasquale Marino

Ita/Bra, HD, 75 min, b/w

Production Companies: Lumen Film and Aranhas Films

Production: Pasquale Marino, Elena Fedeli, Anahí Borges, Andrea Gori

Screenplay: Pasquale Marino, Elena Fedeli

Cinematography: Elena Fedeli

Sound: Andrea Ottina

Editing: Mauro Rossi

Sound Editing: Valeria Cocuzza

Original Soundtrack: Ratchev and Carratello

Assistant Director: Anahí Borges

Cast: Maria Ruggeri, Giovanni Maria Currò, Antonio Gullo, Stefania Pecora, Lidiya Liberman, Eleonora Bovo




Manlio works in a sad and gloomy ballroom. Maria lives almost like a servant to her selfish brothers. One day a rather charismatic priest puts them both in charge of delivering the sacred host for communion to elderly and sick people not able to go to the church themselves. When their lives cross they embark together on a sort of love story with unexpected consequences. Everything takes place under the desolate and disrupted landscape of Messina (Sicily, Italy).


About the film:


Extensions of trash, dropped boats on the beach, irons bars for concrete beams that come out in the sand like contemporary art. Put on stage these elements usually related to the degradation isn’t an act of denunciation but an act of love for this landscape that has always existed in this state, and that before a trained eye to the framework, offers unique possibilities. It may be kidnapped by the ugliness, and having to give it a form, we encounter certain classical forms; a world… a world is necessary if one wants to tell a story. (PASQUALE MARINO)

MAGENTA CITY (Cidade Magenta)

São Paulo, Berlin

by Laura Carvalho and Kathleen Kunath

videodance / experimental documentary (In Development)

About the film:


Magenta City is a "coreodocumentary" which investigates, through collective creation in dance, as residents of urban gentrification process responding to transformation of their neighborhoods. A large urban project reduces people to statistics. Behind these numbers, the human body suffers. Magenta City proposes, through the body in motion, a dialogue and an answer to the phenomenon that occurs in the urban neighborhoods of Luz (São Paulo) and Neukölln (Berlin).


*Project selected FilmCup 2012 Brazil &Germany

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Marcas & Comunicações


VIDEOCLIP “Sem hora pra voltar”

Artist: République du Salém

Bra, HD, 6 min, color.

Production Companies: Aranhas Films and Brodagem Filmes

Artist: République du Salém 

Album: O Fim da Linha Não é o Bastante

Record Label: Genesis Music

Year: 2013

Directed by: Anahí Borges


 *Grammy Latino 2013 - pre-nomination: “Best New Artist” and “Best Brazilian Rock Album”


by Pasquale Marino

Bra/Ita, HD, 1 min, color, 2012

An advertising spot that’s also a cinematographic look behind the scenes of the fashion week in Milan: the fashion show of the Italian fashion designer Marco De Vincenzo.


About the product:


Fashion is art and market. The pursuit of beauty in fashion makes the work of cinematographer interpenetrate in the artist's work. The fashion advertising should be able to conduct the spectator to fruition of the beauty. Aranhas Films develops with sophistication and originality audiovisual proposals for publicizing and promoting fashion designer, their brands and collections. The fashion interpreted through the eyes of visual arts. “M.oda M.ilano” was made for the De Vincenzo’s website.

MEMORIES (Memórias)

by Humberto Borges

Bra, HD, 10 min, color



Intended for distribution in associations of relatives and friends of people with Alzheimer, “Memories” shows the evolution during one year of Alzheimer’s disease into a 76 years old woman who considered herself truly happy. She loved to sing songs on her youth, of the 1950 and 1960. The filming was made every few months in which the protagonist watched herself singing in the filming earlier and tried to follow at the present the same previous song.


About the film:


”Filmed initially merely emotional intentions to record private moments for memories to come, with the final editing it resulted in a film of social interest, not didactic and despite a certain melancholy sends a positive message to life”. (HUMBERTO BORGES)


by Anahí Borges and Pasquale Marino

Bra/Ita, HD, 7 min, color, 2011

A new format of showreel aimed at actors and artists who want to make their portfolio in inventive ways. Angela Dinì is an Italian actress.


About the product:


The standard format of a portfolio for professionals of the audiovisual industry is the sequential assembly of excerpts from works already made by them. “Imma” is a new proposal for actors, actresses, dancers, musicians and artists in general. An aesthetic and commercial way focused on talent of the customer, reinforcing their advertise purposes. Almost a “short film”, the product is aesthetically and dramaturgical thought to the demands of own client in the market.

VIDEOCLIP “Out of the window into the house”

by Elena Fedeli

Bra/Ita, HD, 5 min, color (in post production)

Artist: JOWJO

Album: “Out of the window into the house”

Record Label: Riff Records

Year: 2012


A rain in the city… cars, buildings, wet glasses, light beams abstract… the city is transfigured.

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